Popular Dogs in Mexico

Which dogs are the most popular in Mexico?


Pomeranians German Shepherds and Poodles…and a Beagle.

A lot of people in Mexico own dogs as the dog is one of the most popular animals on the face of the earth, and that includes Mexico.

pomeranians poodles dobermans

Many people in Mexico also have cats and a horse running around in the backyard.


Some people in Mexico even have multiple dogs…3 or more.


I know one guy in Mexico who has 4 dogs, an orangutan and an Alsatian. And he speaks fluent Spanish. absolutely amazing.

nationalcattledogfinals (Yes. Many dogs are used for herding in mexico.)

Nicki Minaj has a dog.. I think – I should check into that particular fact. She might just have a tshirt with a dog on it. She’s probably one of those weird celebrities that has an octopus. Silly. Get a dog! Best animals ever!


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